Moroccan Flu Remedy

Hello Earthers, Today i'm back to you with a golden recipe that will help preventing you from catching the cold. As you probably know by now, my philosophy for all of my recipes is "easy and simple". Pour one cup boiling water over the ginger and let it steep for three minutes. Meanwhile, put the lemon juice, pinch of... Continue Reading →


Be Grateful.

Just another typical Sunday Morning, took a quick shower, a cup of coffee between my cold hands, and thinking about my upcoming day. Not much is going on around me, my neighborhood is quite calm and empty, probably  everyone is sleeping in. The first thing that came up to my mind, as i'm looking through... Continue Reading →

The Magical Moroccan Potion for Menstrual Cramps

I could write this post in one word, Cinnamon. Yes, Cinnamon. With its anti-inflammatory components, make it ideal to eliminate the pain. Not to forget about the antispasmodic effects that it contains,which help to relax the pelvic muscles, therefore cutting down the pain levels during menstruation. Just put it on everything, and voilaaa. But if you... Continue Reading →

Passion vs Fear

What's your drive? Passion or Fear? I've asked myself this question over and over this morning, only to find out that 80% of my life was controlled by fear. Not only me, but 80 to 90% of the population as well. Choking but true. Stuck in the comfort zone, trying to play it safe? well... Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Lived

Reruns make a significant part of my current life, and one of my all time favorite is Harry Potter (and Friends but that's in another post soon) , series of fantasy novels. As any Millennial out there, HP has shaped my life, and opened up the door of my imagination. Basically, reading the books, which... Continue Reading →

My Americano Love

As a big fan of Lattes, I recently converted to Black Coffee. And by recently, i meant, over a year now. Lattes were a huge part of my life, i remember waking up at 7 am  everyday when i was 6 years ish, just to devour the morning coffee made by my mother. The smell... Continue Reading →

From the Mundane to the Mystical

Through sleep, we get in touch with our mysterious consciousness. Dreaming occurs either you remember it or not, it's the healthy manifestation of our human brain to liberate itself from our heavy thoughts and none finished questions. Asking when there is no answer, searching for meaning when there is nothing to understand. This World is... Continue Reading →

The Artcraft of Gulela

Drinking water is essential. From where you drink it though, is crucial. Finding the Gulela on our table at home is pretty normal, actually in almost 90% of Moroccan households to be accurate. I know, i know, But hey there, what the heck you mean by Gulela this Gulela that? Gulela is the Moroccan natural... Continue Reading →

What Dreams are Made Of

Candles and flowers to sooth the mood, relaxing music in the background, my body relaxed on my yoga mat stretching my laziness off. Closed my eyes for a mere seconds to meditate, and there i was in Wonderland. My own safe space, highlighted with all the colors of the spectrum, ready for me to make... Continue Reading →

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